This new approach to sports training, health and wellbeing is little know in France but it is prevalent in the US and Italy. The approach is even covered by social security in Germany and Finland. Today the approach is considered to be one of the best and most developed physical training methods in the world by thousands of health and sport professionals and high-level athletes and dancers.

The approach is often mistakenly compared to, or considered the same as, Pilates. However, the GYROTONIC® method (gyro: circle and tonic: strength) involves three-dimensional movements and respects the body’s natural breathing and biomechanics. The method, which is inspired by yoga, dance, tai-chi, gymnastics or even swimming, is innovative and unique.
The methods allows you to both stretch and strengthen the key muscle groups that are responsible for movement as well as the deepest muscles that control coordination.

It’s a so-called ‘holistic’ approach; this means it stimulates the entire body. As you perform the exercise your posture is rebalanced, tensions disappear, movements become more fluid and you improve cardiovascular and neuromuscular stimulation.

All of this helps you to enhance internal strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, concentration and it provides a pleasant feeling of alignment and wellbeing.

The three-dimensional movements (circular, wave-like and spiral) bring a better awareness of the body and significantly improve balance.

The GYROTONIC® method was created by Juliu Horvath, a former professional dancer injured during his career, who wanted to find a way to heal himself using methods like yoga. After several years of studying and intense self-exploration he created what he first called ‘yoga for dancers’: GYROKINESIS®.

To improve his method he developed an exercise system using machines that can be used by anyone, regardless of age or state of health: the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, which is more widespread, involves practicing the GYROTONIC® method on machines that increase the power of the principles described below. The method offers full freedom of movement, a more intense workout, it is more stable and therefore effective a lot sooner.

The machines used, the Pulley Tower, Leg Extension Unit, Jumping Stretching Board, GYROTONER®, and the Archway are fully adjustable and enable circular and three-dimensional movements, something which is very innovative. Up until now, other techniques only offer linear movements.

Thanks to an intelligent system with weights, pulleys and constant resistance, the jolt experienced at the start and end of exercise on other machines is completely eliminated (often the source of muscular tension). Therefore, movements are supported, like when in water.

GYROTONIC® machines can be adjusted to suit everybody’s requirements; regardless of body shape and strength.

The pulley tower is the most popular machine; it can be used for the majority of the basic exercises.

Using a combination of all machines enables both a broader, more focused and more personalized workout.

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The GYROKINESIS® method is the most basic, and it does not use a machine. The method is performed using a stool, on the ground with a mat, or standing up.
The exercises enable you to work on your whole body, using seven natural spinal movements: forwards, backwards, to the left, to the right, rotating to the left, rotating to the right and a circular movement, also stimulating all joint possibilities.

This approach is gentle and movements follow your breathing pattern.
Each session is like a self-massage, like an opening from within.
Fluidity is key. We do not maintain positions like in traditional yoga; positions are gently and harmoniously connected, using breathing, like in ballet.

Muscles and joints are unlocked, stretched and strengthened. The body’s internal organs are stimulated. We are seeking alignment, balance and wellbeing through movement and the body’s own natural potential.

People who practice the GYROKINESIS® method feel increasingly relaxed and ‘connected’ to their daily life; they can move with a greater degree of flexibility and agility.

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